Friday, March 5, 2010

Red Uakari - the Red Faced Monkey

You are looking at a handsome red uakari, and he is not blushing, the red uakari always has a  face that red. Handsome you say? Why of course, because of his red face. The redder the face, the healthier the red uakari is thought to be. A pale face likely means that a red uakari is sick. The red uakari is also a social butterfly living in troops of up to a hundred individuals, then breaking into smaller groups during the day to look for food. The red face of the red uakari may also help them see each other in the dense forest. Unlike most New World primates, the red uakari has a short tail, but that doesn't stop it from making jumps of 20m+ across the rainforest canopy. Who needs a tail for balance, when you're so sure of your skill!

The red uakari is an endangered monkey and is only found in Peru and Brazil in the Amazon river basin living in swamp forests. There are reports that the red uakari has also been seen in Columbia, but these sightings have not been confirmed. The main threats to the red uakari are habitat loss, being hunted for food. I can't imagine eating a red uakari. Sources:  National Geographic:  Red Uakari, See a video of a red uakari in action!

Help Save the Red Uakari
Volunteer with the red uakari on an EarthWatch Expedition
Buy a photo of a red uakari, proceeds go to the Red Uakari Monkey Project
Visit the Amazon Animal Orphanage in Iquitos Peru, where rescued red uakaris may be seen
Volunteer at the Amazon Animal Orphanage and help rescued red uakaris
Donate to the Amazon Animal Orphanage and help pay for the care of rescued red uakaris

Red uakari photo courtesy of flickkerphotos
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