Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fun Clownfish Facts and How You Can Save Them

Clownfish may look cute, but they are one of the more aggressive fish in the sea! Even though they are only 2 to 5 inches long, they will approach scuba divers to “chase” them away from their anemone. If scuba divers are persistent, clownfish have even been known to bite scuba divers! Fortunately their teeth aren’t very sharp. Most small fish stay away from scuba divers so clownfish are brave fish to “chase” away divers, especially since divers are ~ 1000 times the size of a clownfish. Can you imagine chasing and attacking an animal that was over 1000 feet long with only small teeth as your weapon? By the way, the larger clownfish that are the most aggressive are female – talk about girl power!

Why Clownfish Need Our Help
Over 50% of clownfish for sale come from the wild. After Finding Nemo came out, wild clownfish populations decreased by over 75%. Clownfish are caught by commercial divers and they usually use cyanide which temporarily paralyzes the fish making them easier to catch, but in the meantime killing other fish and destroying coral reefs. Source/more info: Finding Nemo Fan? Fun Clownfish Facts

Help Save Clownfish
Clownfish photo courtesy of Marcus, a German award winning photographer

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