Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Polar Bear Facts and How You Can Save Them

Did you know that polar bears are more likely to overheat than get cold even despite living in the coldest temperatures on earth? I guess that's why it's good to have up to 4.5 inch of blubber and two layers of fur. What color is polar bear fur? Sound like an obvious question? The answer may surprise you. Polar bear fur is actually clear, not white. Polar bear skin is also black (but you can't see it under all that clear fur) which also helps polar bears stay warm.

Why Polar Bears Need Our Help
Loss of sea ice is the biggest threat to polar bears which are considered vulnerable, but near endangered. Polar bears depend on the sea ice for hunting and breeding. Polar bears are starving because of lack of sea ice and in some cases drowning as they are forced to swim greater distances in search of food. There have even been recent reports of male polar bears
feeding on young polar bear cubs, a previously unheard of behaviour but likely due to the food shortage. Source/more info: Polar Bears International
Help Save Polar Bears

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