Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black Cats and How You Can Save Them

I couldn't find any actual research to back up this fact but there is a lot of anecdotal research from vets and pet owners (myself included) that report black cats are the most affectionate colour of cats. Fuego, my black cat featured on the right when he was a kitten,doesn't leave my side when I'm sick and follows me everywhere.

Why Black Cats Need Our Help
Unfortunately black cats (and black dogs) are the least likely to be adopted at animal shelters because of superstitions that they bring back luck. More info on Why Adopters Don't Want Black Cats. Also some people still use black cats as part of sacrificial ceremonies at Halloween so if you go to an animal shelter right before Halloween you may not see any black cats since some animal shelters take them off of public viewing at this time to try and protect them.

Help Save Black Cats
  • Adopt a black cat (or black dog) from the animal shelter if you are looking for a new pet

Not looking for a new pet but are a pet owner ? You can still:

  • Buy your pet supplies from your local animal shelter if they have a store or shop online at the ASPCA (U.S.A.) or Humane Society of Canada (Canada)

Not a pet owner? You could still:

  • Buy whatever the animal shelter is selling (calendars, chocolate, cards,etc.)
  • Make a donation to an local animal shelter, to the ASPCA (U.S.A.) or to the Humane Society of Canada
  • Volunteer at your local animal shelter
  • Play Meow Trivia. Each trivia question you answer results in a donation to an animal shelter to help feed hungry cats.

Once you have your black cat (or other cat) at home. Find out fun: Cat Care Tips for a Happy Cat

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