Friday, October 23, 2009

Grizzly Bear Facts and How You Can Save Them

I thought I would start my first post with an amazing animal in my own back yard - the grizzly bear.

Grizzly (and Black) Bear Fun Facts
If humans don't urinate, we die of toxic urea. Grizzly and black bears don't urinate when they hibernate but don't die. Why? They recycle their urine back into their bodies. Come spring time, they urinate normally again. One of the true marvels of bears that has scientists creeping into bear dens in the middle of winter to find out how it all works. Click for more
bear facts. Enter the Amazon Bear and Wildlife Store for a truly wild experience.

Why Grizzly Bears Need Our HelpIt was estimated that there were 1000 grizzly bears in the province of Alberta, Canada, but the newest study shows that there are only 581 bears in the province. It is estimated that 90% of grizzly bear deaths are caused by humans. Government support and funding is needed to save these majestical creatures.  
Grizzly Bear Viewing in Lake Louise, is a great place to have the chance to observe grizzly bears in Alberta, Canada.

Help Save Grizzly Bears
Through the Sierra Club of Canada Action Grizzly Bear you can send an already produced letter to key government officials with just a few clicks and it takes less than 30 seconds. Please take a minute to do so by clicking on the Action Grizzly Bear link above and help save grizzly bears. You can also join the Save the Grizzly Bear cause on Facebook to show your support.

Thank you for taking action to help save grizzly bears!