Thursday, October 29, 2009

Proboscis Monkey Facts and How You Can Save Them

Ladies, on the right you are looking at a very handsome male proboscis monkey. How do I know this? Why by the size of his nose of course! Large noses on males are considered attractive to females, - the bigger the better! Noses on male proboscis monkeys can be up to 7 inches long! Females also have large noses but not nearly as big as the males noses.

The noses also amplify warning calls and the more upset the proboscis monkey is the larger the nose gets and the louder the warning call!

Why the Proboscis Monkey Needs Our Help
Proboscis monkeys only live in Malaysian Borneo and are threatened by habitat loss and hunting. Habitat is extremely important for any animal, but especially the proboscis monkey who requires such a specialized habitat and can only thrive in one place in the entire world. There are ~ 3000 proboscis monkeys and they are a threatened species.

Help Save the Proboscis Monkey
Thank you for taking actions to help save the proboscis monkey!
Photo courtesy of: Austin King
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