Friday, February 19, 2010

Caribou Facts and Woodland Conservation

The caribou migration is one of the largest in the world with caribou travelling over 2500 km (1600 miles) each year!  Females lead the way in the annual caribou migration with males following a couple of weeks later. 

How do you tell a male from a female caribou?  It's not always easy since caribou are the only deer species in which the females also have antlers.

Baby caribou are also impressive.  When they're born, they are shaky on their feet and can only stand a few minutes, but the very next day, they're starting to migrate.  Talk about fast learners!  Source:  Caribou, National Geographic

Watch the Caribou Migration

Keep the Caribou Migration Going
Caribou are a threatened species and considered endangered in some areas.  The primary threat to caribou is destruction of their woodland habitat due to forestry and natural resource extraction.  Source: Caribou, CPAWS

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Caribou herd photo courtesy of:  peupeloup