Monday, February 15, 2010

Emperor Penguin Facts

Emperor  penguins were the stars of the movies March of the Penguins and Happy Feet and  for good reason, emperor penquins are fascinating creatures.  Emperor penguins are excellent swimmers and can dive up to 500 m.  Emperor penguins also like to have fun and are good at sliding on ice, no sled required!

Emperor penguins like being around other penguins which is a good thing since they huddle to stay warm and take turns staying in the center of the group which is the warmest, ahh, who knew that emperor penguins were so thoughtful. 

In most species it is the mom who takes care of the babies, but in emperor penguins the father will babysit the egg for up to two months while the mom goes and gets food.  When she comes back the emperor penguin chick is hatched and she feeds him by reguritating her food (throwing up in its mouth).   Yum, anyone hungry?  Source:  Save Happy Feet

Save Emperor Penguins so that the March of the Penguins will continue
Thankfully emperor penguins are not endangered yet but they need our help to stop global warming so that their ice doesn't melt.  You can help save emperor penguins:
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Emperor penguin photo courtesy of:  Take Pride in Utah