Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Giant Panda Bear

The giant panda bear cubs are world reknown for their cuteness and love of play.  Who can resist a giant panda bear cub or a panda bear cub playing?  The giant panda bear cub has an enemy that you might not think of, in addition to snow leopards, owls will also eat giant panda bear cubs. 

The giant panda bear loves to eat bamboo, so much so that 95% of their diet consists of this single food!  For a single giant panda bear that means 30 - 45 pounds of bamboo every day!  Even a giant panda bear cub can eat 5 - 10 pounds of bamboo a day!  So much for variety in your diet.  Source an for more information on the giant panda bear. 

Why the Giant Panda Bear is Endangered
The giant panda bear is endangered primarily because of habitat destrictution due to deforestation and farming.  Poaching is another threat.  The giant panda bear lives in restricted mountainous habitats in China.  There is estimated to be less than 1000 giant panda bears living in the wild.

Help Save the Endangered Giant Panda Bear
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Giant panda bear picture courtesy of:  atlassb