Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Scalloped Hammerhead Shark and Shark Conservation

The scalloped hammerhead shark is one of the strangest looking sharks on earth with their intriguing shaped head which actually contains sensory organs that help the scalloped hammerhead shark sense the electrical fields of animals.  Even if an animal is not moving, the scalloped hammerhead shark can find prey just by their heartbeat!  Source:  Hammerhead Shark, National Geographic.

At a few spectatcular locations in the world, like Cocos Islands, and the Galapagos you can see large schools of the scalloped hammerhead shark.  These scalloped hammerhead sharks are all female and the most dominant ones are in the center of the school where they are likely to find the best mates. 

Why the Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Needs Immediate Shark Conservation Action
The status of the scalloped hammerhead shark is not known, but  as with all species of sharks, the scalloped hammerhead shark is frequently caught for its fins, which is then made into shark fin soup. Usually the shark fins are cut off the shark while they are still alive and then the remainder of the shark’s body is thrown back into the ocean alive.  The shark suffers a cruel wasteful  death. Last year 100 million sharks were killed for their fins. The scalloped hammerhad shark and and all shark populations everywhere are decreasing rapidly because of shark finning. Scientists estimate that shark populations have decreased by 90% in the past ten years.  

Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Conservation
  • Do not eat shark fin soup.  This is the number one shark conservation act you can do.
  • Support shark conservation by Scuba Diving with Sharks at shark hot spots such as Cocos Islands, and the Galapagos to see the scalloped hammerhead shark and to increase shark conservation efforts
Sign Shark Finning Petitions to show support for shark conservation

See the movie Shark Water to see the challenges of shark conservation. 

Join the Shark Trust to show your support for shark conservation

Participate in a scalloped hammerhead shark tagging expedition at Cocos Islands to help scalloped hammerhead shark conservation at Cocos, one of the few hot spots for the scalloped hammerhead shark in the world!

The scalloped hammerhead shark photo is of one of the females of the infamous schools at Galapagos.

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