Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blue Footed Boobies and How You Can Save Them

Blue footed boobies are memorable if not for their name (which comes from the Spanish word "bobo" meaning fool or clown, since blue footed boobies are clumsy on land) then for their blue feet which play a role in courtship - the bluer the better when it comes to attracting a mate!

Blue footed babies also exhibit some interesting parenting skills in the Galapagos. They nest on the ground and once the booby chick is hatched they leave it to fend for itself while they go off in search of food. Fortunately the blue footed booby has no predator so the booby chicks are safe - except for the flash of all the tourist's cameras, but the blue footed boobies don't seem to mind, some of them actually seem to appear to pose for the camera. Born stars!

Why Blue Footed Boobies Need Our Help

Fortunately blue footed boobies are considered a species of "least concern" by the IUCN. Their habitat is also protected and they have no predators so they are in better shape than many other species. However they do feed exclusively on fish so it is important to ensure the waters and marine life in the Galapagos are protected.

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Help Save Blue Footed Boobies

Blue footed booby photo courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons