Friday, November 13, 2009

Purple Frog Facts and How You Can Save Them

The purple frog was only discovered in 2003, perhaps because of it's reclusive lifestyle -it lives underground coming out only during monsoons for about 2 weeks to breed, or perhaps its self conscious about its unique looking appearance?

The purple frog is the first new family of frogs to be discovered since 1926 and has independently been evolving for 130 million years. Can you imagine having cousins that were 130 million years old? The purple frog is thought to have lived with dinosaurs 175 millions years ago. Hmmm, I wonder how dinosaurs and purple frogs got along? Maybe that's why they spend so much time in the ground - hiding from dinosaurs?

Purple frogs are only found in Western Ghats India and their population numbers aren't known. Check out the purple frog's first ever public appearance on video. Source/More info: EDGE: Purple Frog, Purple Frog Pops Up

Why the Purple Frog Needs Our Help
Purple frogs are endangered primarily because of habitat disturbance from humans in the form of habitat loss due to coffee, cardamom and ginger plantations. It's difficult to imagine that we are damaging to the point of endangering such a reclusive species.

Help Save the Purple Frog
Photo courtesy of: EDGE Blog