Monday, November 23, 2009

Fun Monarch Butterfly Facts and How You Can Save Them

The monarch butterfly's migration from Canada or the U.S. to Mexico is considered one of the most spectacular natural phenomenas in the world! Monarch butterflies fly 1200-1800 miles (1900 - 2900 km) round trip! Pretty impressive for such a small insect!

Most monarch butterflies only have a lifespan of 4-5 weeks, but every fall a special generation of migrating monarch butterflies is born and they live for 7 to 8 months! In human terms, that's equivalent to your children living to be 525 years old.

Why Monarch Butterflies Need Our Help
The monarch butterfly migration is recognized as an endangered biological phenomena. Habitat preservation, especially the wintering habitat in Mexico is key to the survival of the monarch butterfly and is considered the first priority in world butterfly conservation. Sources/more information: Monarch Butterflies: The Monarch of Migration

Help Save Monarch Butterflies

Monarch butterfly photo courtesy of: Creativity+TimothyK Hamilton's Photostream