Saturday, November 14, 2009

Coral Reefs in Danger and How You Can Save Them

Did you know that while coral reefs might look like plants, they're actually made up of coral polyps which are tiny animals that live in colonies? When they die, their bodies form the reef structure made of limestone.

Many of us have heard of the Golden Triangle, but have you ever heard of the Coral Triangle? It is the most diverse marine environment in the world and encapsulates the Western Indonesia archipelago, Malaysia and a small part of Thailand.

25% of all fish call coral reefs home including reef sharks, clown fish, eels, crustaceans and turtles to name but a few. I'd say they all have a good eye for interior design, since coral reefs are beautiful. Source and for map of coral reefs in danger: Major Endangered Reef Regions

Coral Reefs in Danger
Many coral reefs are in danger from water pollution, bleaching caused by the rising ocean temperature, overfishing, dynamite and cyanide fishing - which is common when fishing for clown fish and napoleon fish, sedimentation and disease. It is estimated that 25% of all coral reefs have already disappeared and 66% of all coral reefs are in danger. 88% of coral reefs in SE Asia are in danger, including the Coral Triangle. We need to act quickly before we destroy the "rain forest of the sea" and the world's most biodiverse ecosystem on earth. Source: Coral Reef Facts

Coral Reef Conservation
Thank you for taking time to help save coral reefs!
Photo of a coral reef in the Red Sea courtesy of: Marcus
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