Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Squirrel Monkey Facts and How You Can Save Them

I must start by offering you some advice, If you ever happen to meet a squirrel monkey, don't try to be polite and shake hands - squirrel monkeys urinate on their hands and feet then walk around to mark their territory. No wonder why squirrel monkeys aren't into shaking hands.

Squirrel monkeys live in large groups with up to 300 individuals. You can imagine how difficult it might be to get the groups attention, but squirrel monkeys are clever and have figured out a way to do this - simply stand up and show off your genitalia. Now that I have your attention.....

Squirrel monkeys make chirp like sounds which sound more like birds than monkeys to me. Listen to a squirrel monkey. What do you think?
Source: Animal Bytes: Squirrel Monkey

Why Squirrel Monkeys Need Our Help
For the first time in decades, NASA is using monkeys to see how the squirrel monkeys will react to the extreme radioactive environment of space. 18 to 28 squirrel monkeys will be used for this experiment. This is barbaric and not necessary. Can you imagine subjecting the adorable squirrel monkey above to radiation which very likely will kill him or leave him in a lot of pain? Get the full story at Discovery News NASA to Start Irradiating Monkeys. Not to mention that squirrel monkeys are an endangered species.

Help Save Squirrel Monkeys
Photo Courtesy of: ifijay

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