Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fun Harp Seal Facts and How to Save Harp Seals

Harp Seal Facts
Don't ever try and have a hold your breath competition with a harp seal - they can hold their breath for 16 minutes! You also don't want to have a diving competition with a harp seal - they've been known to dive to depth of 280 meters! You also don't want to have a swimming competition with a harp seal - not only are they fast swimmers and will beat you on speed, but they will also beat you on endurance as well since when they migrate the can cover distances of between 6000 - 8000 km a year! I'm feeling pretty inadequate all of a sudden, how about you?

Why Harp Seals Need Our Help - Sad Harp Seal Facts
Despite being amazing animals, the harp seal hunt, along with hooded and grey seals runs  from mid - Nov to mid-May of each year in Eastern Canada, in what is the biggest slaughter of marine mammals in the world, the harp seals are especially prized. This year the Government of Canada is allowing 280,000 seals to be killed justifying it on economics. Harp seal pups that still have their white fur are no longer killed, but harp seal pups lose their white coats when they are 12 days old, so harp seal pups are still killed, not to mention that the killing of the 280,000 other seals is torture where they are either shot or clubbed to death in front of other seals.

Save Harp Seals
Photo courtesy of: Hugo I-I